The SIGCABLES site maintained by Orange aims to inform sailors, and especially skippers of fishing vessels and their crews, about the following :

  • submarine active or non-active cable routes : all appropriate means to communicate their locations, and especially charts,
  • The risks to vessels incurred by fouling cables ; these might be material (loss of fishing gear and/or telecommunication breakdown caused by cable damage) or risk to life (accidents at sea).

The site provides :

  • Information about submarine telecommunication cables,
  • Advice on precautions to be taken to avoid hooking cables,
  • Corrective measures to take in the event of fouling a cable,
  • Procedure to follow in the event of decision to abandon fishing gear,
  • The potential penal liability in the event of submarine cable damage.

Warning: the positions of some private submarine cables may not be mentioned in this website as Orange does not operate them. Orange can not be held legally responsible of missing information.

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